Bad Bitches Only

A fly brown six-o sicko psycho who throws his dick around

Drop a “If I were dating you…” In my ask.

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My nigga said he doesn’t like for his woman to take a shower before eating the ass, he likes it when she been running around doing errand, said that’s that middle of the day taste


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women are not powerful?  oh please i can get your dick up in just a minute in public and there’s nothing you can do bout it

this is such a doodoo post. dicks get hard for no reason. my dick is hard when i wake up. when i hold my pee for too long. when i cough hard. when the got damn wind blow. so many things you coulda said and it was make my dick hard. lola bunny used to get my dick hard and she a got damn cartoon bunny.

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Stop listening to whatever you’re listening to.

I present you, Kanye West - Bound 1.

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i have to keep replaying this

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